How to Get FREE Instagram Followers

How to Get FREE Instagram Followers

Followers are the real currencies of social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc. If you can manage to get lots of Instagram likes and followers, your page is bound to experience growth and may even become an authority in your field. But the truth is that getting lots of Instagram followers is difficult. In many cases, it requires you to spend lots of money on your Instagram campaign.

Regardless, there are things you can do to get lots of Instagram followers for FREE. So, let’s explain how to get FREE Instagram followers. Set up an attractive profile

Typically, the look of your Instagram profile will determine whether people will follow you willingly or not. If your Instagram profile conveys resourcefulness, confidence, and aesthetics, you will probably get lots of free followers. Therefore, you need to focus on creating an attractive profile.

A few of the things you can do to make your profile attractive include:

  • Use a great and meaningful username that makes it easy for people to find your brand and know what it represents.
  • Create an appealing bio that tells the story of your brand concisely.
  • Add keywords to your bio to make it appear in searches.
  • Utilize astonishing photos as your profile picture.

If you already have an Instagram profile, you can use the points above to improve it. Craft interesting captions

While you need to use eye-catching images, infographics and videos on Instagram, you must not overlook the importance of captions. When used correctly, captions can bring more reach and engagement to your Instagram post. Over time, this can play an essential role in increasing the number of free Instagram followers.

Here are some tricks for writing a great Instagram caption:

  • Make it concise but be open to trying different lengths
  • Add emoji
  • Ask questions that can encourage people to comment on your post
  • Add hashtags to your captions
Share valuable content

One of the major mistakes you can make on Instagram is posting only promotional content. Basically, most Instagram users want to be entertained, educated, and informed. Consequently, they are interested in following pages that share valuable content. Unfortunately, most promotional/salesy posts are not valuable.

But does this mean you should not promote your brand via your Instagram posts? Of course, you must. However, you should use the 80-20 rule. That is, 80% of your posts should be resourceful and non-promotional whereas the remaining 20% should be for marketing your brand. When Instagram users notice that you have more valuable posts than salesy ones, they will be likely willing to become your Instagram followers. Add relevant hashtags to your post

If anyone is going to follow your Instagram page, the person must first see your profile/post. This means that you need to first reach new users before some of them can follow your page. Luckily, you can take advantage of Instagram hashtags because they can make your post searchable. In view of this, you must add relevant hashtags to your post to reach as many new users as possible.

But don’t just add any hashtags that come to your mind. You should rather focus on relevant hashtags that your target audiences are likely going to use. Such relevant hashtags will ensure that more people see your post. In addition, don’t use too many hashtags. Consider using about 3 to 5 hashtags for every content. Tag relevant users

When you are sharing a post, you should always consider tagging relevant people. The first benefit of tagging people is that you will reach more people. Also, some of the existing followers of the tagged users may want to follow your page.

However, you shouldn’t just tag anyone. Tag people that are relevant to a particular post or your brand. You may want to tag users such as:

  • Suppliers/vendors of some items in the photo/video
  • Customers
  • Employees/colleagues
  • Anyone who is also in the picture/video
  • Someone who has an influence on the thought/idea behind the post
Use Instagram Stories to your advantage

Although Instagram Stories are relatively new, they have grown to become one of the most powerful tools for increasing reach on the platform. When used correctly, Instagram Stories can boost your Instagram followers significantly. Billions of Instagram Stories are created every day, so you don’t want to be left behind.

Create a few Instagram Stories every day. Don’t forget to add hashtags to these Stories. As more people see your Stories, you are bound to get lots of FREE Instagram followers. Promote your Instagram account/post via other platforms

Another free way to get more Instagram followers is to share your Instagram account/post on other platforms. Generally, many people use multiple social media platforms. Therefore, if they follow you on a platform, you can make them follow you on another platform. You can start with sharing your Instagram posts/account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Additionally, include your Instagram links on your website as well as your email signature.

However, you shouldn’t stop the cross-promotion online. So, you need to extend it to offline means such as business cards, posters, product packaging, coasters, and so on. Tag your location

Most individuals love associating with people/brands within their location. This is because they usually find such brands to be more relatable than those outside of their location. So, you should think about tagging your physical location in your Instagram Story or post. People around your location will likely see it and follow you for more content.

However, getting free Instagram followers will take lots of time. So, if you want a quicker result, we suggest that you invest in your Instagram campaign. For more Instagram followers, you can do some of the following options:

  • Buy tons of Instagram followers from World Famous. It is an easy, affordable, and fast way to get more Instagram likes and followers.
  • Collaborate with influencers.
  • Pay other brands to promote your Instagram page.
  • Sponsor your post via Instagram ads.

Whether you are using a free or paid method for getting Instagram followers, you need to be consistent and resourceful to get a lasting result.