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Top 10 Reasons Why Other Websites Should Point at Your Website

Thousands of websites point to my Web Digest For Marketers and Search Engine For Marketers. Search engines place a high value on a site that has lots of other high-quality sites pointing to it. And yes, search engines are getting better and better at telling a legitimate high-quality site from one that is tricked up to look like one.

Below are the top 10 reasons I've found that others sites will decide to point at you.

1. Value: Whether it's B2B products and services or B2C, people are typically looking for value. So give it to them in spades. They will in turn bookmark it, write about it and tell others about it. People like talking about a good restaurant, movie, car, PDA, email marketing product or what have you. Give them good reason to talk and point at your site.

2. Utility: Check out my CPM calculators at These calculators aren't for everybody. They are only for those who buy media. Their very focus and single-mindedness makes them attractive and quite useful to an audience I want to stay in touch with. Why? Because I want them to subscribe to Web Digest For Marketers where advertisers can talk to them, that's why. Interesting and very useful sites point to my CPM calculators, including the University of Texas.

3. Content: OK, this one has been hammered to death since the mid-90's. But don't overlook it. Useful content that is rich with the kinds of keywords your target audience uses in search engines is key.

4. Updated Pages: Your website is like the dairy section at your grocer. Both have to be made fresh frequently, or else you lose traffic. Think about it. How much value would you place in a website if the last time it was updated was six months ago?

5. Give Them a Download They Won't Forget: I offer Larry Chase's Essential Search Engine Marketing Resource Guide as a pdf download to new subscribers who have signed up for Web Digest For Marketers. It not only lets the visitor leave with something valuable, it lets him or her pass it along to someone else, who in turn will visit the website and subscribe as well. Of course, search engine crawlers pick up on the pdf and catalog it as well, further enhancing my search engine rankings.

6. Make News: Create some excitement and urgency for people visiting and pointing to you. Put out a press release heralding what's new at your site... and it better be more than a bunch of warmed over press releases.

7. Create a High-Value Searchable Database: This is what I've done with reviews from Web Digest For Marketers. Instead of charging for the archives like I used to, we've made them freely available at, where you'll find the top sites reviewed in over 40 marketing categories. It's a big time-saver, and therein is the big draw.

8. Citations: Any website reviewed in Web Digest For Marketers is given copyright clearance to feature our review of their website, so long as it is presented in its entirety with a live link to and attribution that says: "This review is from Larry Chase's Web Digest For Marketers at"

9. Get Press Coverage: While I've been quoted in and linked to by The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and other major news media, I notice the enduring links usually come from trade publications, which frequently let the links stay public longer.

10. Stand Out: Don't blend in and look like the rest -- neither in look and feel, "voice" or position. Be different. But don't just be different for differences sake. Have an authentic stance, product, service, or what have you, enough for people to take notice and point at you online and off.

11. Bonus Tip: Ask the question "What will make other websites point at my website?" before you build your next website. Therein will be your unifying strategy. When my publishing schedule permits, this is exactly what I help clients identify. LC

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