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Social Media campaigns typically rely on Content Marketing. If SocMed is the glass, then content is the liquid inside it. We selected 6 of the most useful Content Marketing Tools for you to check out below.
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6 Quick Picks: Social Content Marketing Tools

Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing fit together like hand in glove. If your content offering is namby-pamby, well, you won't get much SocMed juice from it.
Let's call this marriage of Social and Content Marketing "So-Co Marketing."
Your job now is to get above the noise level with your content in order to get that social traction you crave. To do exactly that, we went to the ends of the Internet to find you the best and brightest content tools to get your mission accomplished.
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Now, without further ado, here's Sr. Editor Janet Roberts with those 6 quick reviews of Content Marketing tools. Take it awaaaaay, JR ...
1. BuzzSumo
This tool is the Swiss army knife of content-marketing intelligence. With it, you can:
  • Find influential Social Media personalities in your target market;
  • See what those personalities are talking about, whether it's you or your topic;
  • Spy on your top competitors; and
  • Jump on breaking news or fresh commentary.
BuzzSumo's full-featured content search engine lets you filter by six content types (articles, infographics, videos, giveaways, interviews and guest posts) and date (24 hours to a year-plus).
Plus, you can measure your search result's viral reach (how many shares it got on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+).
Finding influentials and tracking most shared content or brand/topic mentions is a free service. Paid plans begin at $99 monthly at time of writing. 
2. Tagboard
Hashtags (like #socialmediatools) are essential in Social Media Marketing, but they can be hard to monitor over multiple networks. Tagboard's management tool gives you a single dashboard in which you can manage your hashtags and track how well they're performing.
Here's what you can do with Tagboard:
  • Register your hashtag before someone else can grab it.
  • See who's using your hashtag on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and find potential new influential community members.
  • Monitor your competitors' custom hashtags and audiences.
A complimentary membership gives you one Tagboard, 50 featured posts and basic embedding. The paid service ($99/monthly at time of writing) gives you more Tagboards and 200 featured posts plus advanced filtering and moderation tools. 
3. ActionSprout
Got the cross-channel marketing blues? This Facebook page-management system can link up your marketing channels (Social Media, email, ecommerce/database) so that you can see exactly how your FB friends are acting on your posts beyond the "Like."
Plus, it can give your fans more engagement options than "Like." Use ActionSprout's dashboard to create action-oriented call-to-action buttons, such as "sign up" or "pledge."
A paid service (plans start at $25 monthly if you have up to 5,000 fans), ActionSpout is geared more toward nonprofit or social-action brands, but ecommerce companies will also benefit.
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4. ShareTally
This seemingly simple tool gives you a wealth of content-tracking data on social networks, large and small. See where your content is being shared and how often; or, keep tabs on your competitors.
ShareTally also drills down beyond the Big Eight (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Buffer, Reddit and StumbleUpon). You might uncover potential new audiences who might share your content on niche networks like Pocket (as we did), Xing or Blog Engage.
Plug in the URL you want to track - a blog post, product page, video, etc. - and ShareTally will generate a one-page visual dashboard showing where readers shared your content and how many shares it generated. 
Little-known content fact: "List-icles," or list-based articles like "6 Quick Picks: Social Content Marketing Tools" often get more opens, clicks, reads and shares than "how-to" or "why" articles.
This tool will help you curate and crowd-source lists you can use as fodder for blog or social network posts.
Once you launch your list on, ask community users to comment, rate or up-vote your list. You can also share your list URL via Facebook or Twitter to get more action. Then, embed your list in a blog post. is free to use, but a pro membership ($9.99 monthly/$99 annually at time of writing) gives you advanced tools, such as custom embeds, advanced moderation, private lists, no ads and shortened or affiliate links. 
6. Advanced Marketing Institute's Headline Analyzer
If you don't get your readers at the headline, they likely won't read further. This analysis tool can help you create a strong opening line that connects emotionally with your audience, whether you need an attention-grabbing headline on a blog post or first sentence of a LinkedIn or Facebook post.
The service, offered at no charge by the Advanced Marketing Institute, analyzes your content according to your use of "Emotional Marketing Value" words and returns an EMV score to rate your efforts and show you where to improve.

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Internet Direct Marketing Tip of the Week
Tell to Sell
One of the refined aspects of B2B marketing and considered-purchase marketing is that, by its nature, it is a high-involvement purchase.
You're going to need high-grade content for your audience, as opposed to selling toothpaste, which typically requires very little deep-dish content unless it's entertaining or amusing, like the Old Spice Guy.
So, when developing content that meets the high-involvement needs of your audience, think about what answers your prospects are looking for. Then, salt those answers into your content in order to hold their attention.
In short, educate your audience or give some inside skinny away that lends insight into how you provide your service and/or product. Also key is to shed light on aspects of a prospect's upcoming purchase that might not have been considered.
While you're answering some questions in your Content Marketing, you have the distinct opportunity to raise other legitimate questions, which can cause your prospects to contact you in search of those answers. LC


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